The demand for hiking has increased considerably through the years and is at this moment considered a core travel and leisure product all over the world. Many destinations deliver specialized camping products and services. The benefits of hiking will include a healthy standard of living, a sense of outcome, and a chance to meet like-minded people. In addition , hiking helps bring about general wellbeing and is promoted by the UNWTO. Hence, it is a worthy investment to invest in this activity.

This analysis investigated the effects of unique tourism goods and services on huge batch hiking in Portugal. It used a multi-method solution to determine the consequences of hikers on tourism outcomes. First, a survey was used to determine the elements that vacationers rated simply because important. Second, an interview was conducted with local people to assess the degree of knowledge and experience that they had about mountain hiking. Third, an disovery study was conducted to evaluate the differences in touristic alternatives between ascending and hiking.

In addition to quantitative and qualitative study data, hiking can be an impressive nature experience. There are many outdoor options in Portugal that offer a diverse variety of experiences. This research provides the missing hyperlink in outdoor tourism studies and supports the creation of tailor-made touristic products. Moreover, that allows participants to choose from a range of camping routes and associated expertise. To learn more about the main advantages of hiking in Portugal, reading Atchley ainsi que al. (2012)