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Saikat Datta

Hello well-wisher, on the left is me Saikat Datta, the admin of “unknownsaikat.com”. I am a professionally trained digital marketer and business consultant. Till this day I have successfully run 22+ Instagram pages, 17+ Facebook pages, 3+ blogging websites, run a bunch of optimized ad campaigns with a stable conversion rate record and built 4 startup companies including 2 e-commerce brands.

This is my official website where you will get a free first business consultation call regarding business growth and development. Digital marketing is also a part of the package. Here I also share in-depth information about how to build an online brand, how to create digital marketing strategies to promote the brand online, how to create content for social media pages, how to manage social media pages of an online brand, how to gain more customer attraction or clients, how to get organic traffic into websites, how to increase Instagram followers, how to get Facebook page likes, how to increase engagement on Instagram, how to sell a product, how to run optimized Facebook ad campaigns, how to start an ecommerce brand, how to do marketing of an ecommerce brand and many more related contents. 

My Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

I believe in learning more about my skills through working on projects for my clients. More I keep working on different kinds services more I gain knowledge about those particular services. 

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